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ScriptMate User Manager  2.0
Installation and User Manual

Copyright 2000 - 2001.

  Secure Your ASP Pages
ScriptMate User Manager 2.0 offers the following options to secure your ASP pages. We have explained every option in detail, if you still need support please contact our support team.


To secure any ASP page just include <!--- #include virtual=/smusermanager/utilities/check.asp ---> and it will secure the page. You can however secure pages based on different properties such as levels, admin, expiry and groups. The following give complete details of how to secure pages based on these properties. Always remeber to include the protection properties in ASP delimiters before the include file.

Securing Pages based on Levels

Use 'filelevel = any numeric less than maximun levels'. This will secure that ASP page ensuring only user of that level or above will be able to access the page.

Securing Pages based on Admin

Use 'fileadmin = true or false'. Setting it to true will allow access to admin members only and setting it to false will allow access to admin and non admin members.

Securing Pages based on File Expiry

Use 'fileexpiry = any dd/mm/yy date format'. Once you set the fileexpiry any user except the chief admin will not be able to access the file after that date.

Securing Pages based on Groups

Use 'filegroups = groupids seperated by comma'. You can get the groupsids from the group management section in the Admin Panel. The members belonging to the mentioned groups will be allowed to access this file.

Default Values

If you donot set the above values then the default values are taken as

filelevel = 1
fileadmin = false
fileexpiry = ""
filegroups = ""

This values will however ensure basic password protection. So if you just want to protect files without bothering about levels, admin, groups and expiry then just include the <!--- #include virtual=/smusermanager/utilities/check.asp ---> file at the beginning of the page and it will secure any ASP page.