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Free Hookup Services Fees

Each She-International hookup-model sets her individual booking fee, after consultation with Lauren, who will inform you of all details when you telephone us to make a booking.

Most of our hookups-models are available for bookings of 2 hours minimum, and fees for extended periods can be discussed with Lauren when you call. As you will understand, long distance transportation costs and airline tickets are not included in the fees.

It is customary to settle the fee when your hookup arrives.

All major credit cards (AmEx, Visa, Master Card, Diners, ...) are accepted, as well as cash in Euro, US$ and BPS. Wire transfers can be arranged.  

Surely, as a discerning client you will appreciate that She-International hookups-models charge expensive fees. Our stringent selection criteria and scrutiny process, as well as each model's personal guarantee never to lose sight of the fact that your satisfaction is paramount, warrant the high level of her fees.

An ancient Chinese proverb teaches that "A cheap price is short cut to being cheated". Free Hookup Services upholds an excellent reputation and maintains world-class standards, and Lauren assures you that any encounter with one of our exceptional hookups-models will make you feel that every cent of the fee was well invested.