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She-International Fall 2009 Newsletter

Autumn is finally here, and it is our sincere hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed your summer holidays and are ready to return to the hustle and bustle of daily life and all the many opportunities that go along with it.

This Indian summer was warm but not unpleasant. We have been recently hearing from many of our friends who are excited and optimistic about the future. They have regained their confidence and are eagerly awaiting the many new opportunities that the changing season promises.

At She-International, we understand opportunity as well, and have ushered in some fabulous possibilities for our friends. We have new girls in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome and Bologna; stunning, elegant, and waiting for you.

Dasha from London:
Dasha is a supple, slender and eager-to-please Ukrainian beauty soon back in London. She has soft honey-coloured hair and loves to provide her undivided attention, 55kg for 1m75, 84-75B-63-90. Dasha is 24-years old and speaks English, Ukrainian, and Russian.
Anna from London:
Anna is statuesque and romantic; playful and just a bit naughty. She has short blond hair, stunning blue eyes and soft pouty lips. 55kg for 1m73, 34-B-24-35. Anna is 29-years old and speaks English and Polish.
Paola from Amsterdam:
Paola is a fantasy on two legs; cocoa-coloured hair and coffee-coloured eyes, with a smouldering sensuality and strong vibrant personality. 56kg for 1m77, 95-75D-63-93. Paola is 21-years old and speaks English, Italian and Spanish.
Freya from Bologna:
Freya is a fresh-faced, unspoiled, and authentic young German beauty studying in Bologna. She has long blond hair and stunning green eyes, 56kg for 1m72, 75-B-70-90. Freya is 23-years old and speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and French.
Rose from Brussels:
Rose is natural, radiant, and seductive. Calm and discreet, she is the epitome of the perfectly soft female. She has beautiful long brown hair and stunning brown eyes to match. 58kg for 1m75, 92-C-68-92. Rose is 24-years old and speaks French, English, Russian, Romanian and basic Italian.
Imani from Brussels:
Imani is an exotic beauty with almost magical hands which exude pleasure from the tip of every finger. She has a background in health and wellness and loves to explore the human body. 54kg for 1m67, 75-D-79-102. Imani is 28-years old and speaks English, French and Dutch.

Please see our stunning girls for yourself by loging in with “hyde” and “park” to the Models Gallery (this username and password are in SMALL letters only, and will be valid for the next 14 days).

Kind regards,

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