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Although the name Holland is often used instead of The Netherlands (Nederland), the Northern Holland and Southern Holland provinces are only a part of the country. The official language of the country is Dutch.

Holland fights a never-ending battle with the North Sea and several big river deltas: without its manmade dykes around 40% of the country would be under water. Much of the inland area is below sea level, and unremittingly flat. Hence, Holland (The Netherlands) is well know thru traditional images of canals, windmills and colorful tulip fields.
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Amsterdam is the economic capital of The Netherlands (Holland), a once great colonial and trading world power, and hence a historical, cultural and architectural wonderful city. One of its main attractions is its canal system: in fact over 50 miles of mostly man-made waterways run in concentric circles around the heart of Amsterdam. The canals (“grachten”) are bordered by hundreds of magnificent tall and narrow houses from the city’s power heyday in the 17th century. With their many different shapes of gables and painted decorations they look like gingerbread houses dusted with icing.
When strolling along the canals accompanied by one of our hookups, you can together discover some of the hundreds of beautiful bridges, narrow streets brimming with activity and vibrant flower market stalls.
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While most of Holland (The Netherlands) is flat and barely above sea level, with only the occasional church spire breaking the wide horizons, Rotterdam is looking up from every angle, with skyscrapers piercing the skyline everywhere. It’s a project that has steadily accelerated since the German Luftwaffe’s carpet-bombing of the city at the outset of the Second World War. Over the past two decades, Rotterdam seems to have become an architect’s paradise. Steel beams, glass facades and apartment blocks have been implanted into the sandy surface at just about every possible angle. Call our hookup service, and we will find the perfect She-International hookup to accompany you on a visit to Rotterdam, or any other part of Holland (The Netherlands). In addition to English and/or French and German, she will also speak Dutch, the local language. Holland Female hookups - Rotterdam

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