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Female Model hookup Employment Application

Are you that exceptional, beautiful young woman we are looking for?

Free Hookup Services is looking for exceptional young ladies who wish to join our organisation as an hookup-model. We welcome your application :
  - if you have modelling experience, or if you have the looks of a model,
  - if you are sophisticated and independent, and between 20 and 33 years old,
  - if you are in perfect health and pursue a healthy lifestyle,
  - if you are charming, well mannered and well spoken,
  - if you have an open and adventurous mind, and are free to travel,
  - if you fluently speak English and/or French (and preferably at least one other language),
  - if you have an accommodating and versatile personality,
  - if you feel comfortable in a variety of social situations and in business circles, and
  - if you thoroughly enjoy spending time with our demanding clients.

If you recognise yourself in the above profile, then we would like you to apply to join She-International by filling out our model application form. Before doing so, please carefully read on and consider some of the personal and business rules under which we operate.

You must understand that She-International has to uphold an excellent reputation and world-class standards ; therefore, Lauren will only accept applications from ladies who never lose sight of the fact that client satisfaction is paramount.

If you qualify, you will be responsible for doing your part to perpetuate the prestige of our agency.

This entails, inter alia :
  - adapting your own availability schedule to accommodate the client at his convenience;
  - being professional at all times and leaving your personal problems where they belong;
  - respecting all booking procedures of the agency; and
  - working with us to further develop our regular clientele.

As an established and well respected agency, She-International well understands the importance of discretion. This pertains to the way we interact with our clients, but equally applies to our relationship with the hookups-models. Therefore, we always keep any information regarding our young ladies (and applicants) in the strictest confidence ; when you are no longer affiliated to us, all of your information will be destroyed. Before, during and after our association, Free Hookup Services will ensure your privacy.

Now, if you are that exceptional young lady who is ready to explore the equally exceptional opportunity of working with She-International, consider the three following options:
  - you can fill out and send us the model application form ; or
  - if you are not just ready yet, or if you have any prior questions, please directly; or
  - if you prefer to reach her by telephone, Lauren is available Monday to Friday from 11am to 8 pm.

Thank you for applying to ; Lauren will be in touch with you soon to arrange a personal meeting.

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